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Manpower Recruitment We implement a well defined and time tested process when it comes to manpower recruitment. There are several Manpower recruitment consultants in Nepal however finding the one right for you may be tough. We are one of the top Manpower Recruitment agency in Nepal, hence you are safe in our hands. The general impression about recruitment agencies is that it is all about matching the skills of the candidate to the requirement received from a firm. That is wrong, there more to it that just matchmaking. The first job as a recruitment consultant is to assess the candidate that is applying for a position or who is interested in a job a specified field. After confirming his qualifications the candidate is usually also interviewed by us so that we get know the candidate better. The selection process is however different for all and varies according to the Industry applied too, eg. Hospitality industry, construction industry, etc. When it comes to Manpower recruitment there are several stages to selection. After the candidate is cleared by us their details are forwarded to the firm. The firm is likely to perform a screening of their own and even conduct a small interview too. At times it is also possible that there may be a practical test. The nature of the selection process at the firm itself depends on which industry candidate have applied too. However once recruited the candidate is given all the information regarding the workplace. This may be information like work place culture or environment an also regarding travel or accommodation as the situation demands. Being a large recruitment agency we take our job seriously and provide every assistance to the candidate to get them started with their new position. This is one of reasons why we have been so successful.
We are providing Manpower recruitment services on the following types:
— Professional
— Skilled
— Semiskilled
— Unskilled